About Conduit

About Conduit Dance

Conduit has been an incubator for contemporary dancers and dance artists for the past 20 years! As the search continues for our new home, Conduit continues to serve our community with a selection of programs at partnering venues throughout Portland.

Conduit enables the research and creation of new work, supporting the development of skills and artistry, collaboration and peer connection, deepening dancer and audience interaction. At its core is building a synergistic environment for invention and exploration. Artists and audience learn through artist talks, and work-in-progress showings. Conduit’s year-round dance classes and workshops taught by local and national artists directly serve over 200 students each year. Artist-members have access to affordable work space, as well as resources and performance space to self-produce. Audience members have the opportunity to experience the energy and depth of new dance works by passionate regional artists.

Established in 1995, Conduit has had a broad reach and profound impact. It can be measured through the lineage of the local artists who have been supported through Conduit: Mary Oslund, Gregg Bielemeier, Linda K. Johnson, Keith V. Goodman, Minh Tran, Tere Mathern, Carla Mann, Jim McGinn, Danielle Ross, Lauren Edsen, Keely McIntyre, Suniti Dernovsek/bobbevy, Lucy Yim, Tahni Holt/Flock, Angelle Hebert/tEEth, Noelle Stiles, recent new companies like Muddy Feet, and WolfBird Dance, the list goes on. The effects ripple out and are not always visible: numerous young artists mature to attend graduate school, return as teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs, and choreographers, open up their own studios or organizations, and start companies. National and international artists like Emio Greco, Trisha Brown, Kidd Pivot, Bebe Miller, Phillip Adams, Stephen Petronio, Anna Halprin and Marie Chouinard, often in partnership with White Bird Dance, have taught master classes and workshops impacting local art and artists directly.