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Your involvement helps us provide critical creative infrastructure to the Portland dance community. Conduit provides contemporary dance artists the space, time, and resources to keep Portland vibrant.

Why Support Conduit Dance?

Conduit is a unique dance space serving the community as a training ground, work space, and venue for contemporary dance, a central resource hub for artists and audience to engage and collaborate.

Not just a space, Conduit serves as an incubator for independent, contemporary dance artists in the Portland region by providing ongoing dance training and education, affordable space for dance exploration and public performance, technical resources and marketing support, opportunities to study with national and international artists, programs to solicit audience feedback and exchange, performances to introduce new artists to the community and to build more visibility for established artists, and a hub for making connections, meeting peers, and building skills as an independent artist.

This is our mission. This kind of effort takes a community to sustain and is why we need your support.

Broad-based public support from people who believe in our mission is crucial to Conduit's success. With your support, we are able reach more artists, train more dancers, support new work, and continue to garner private, pubic and business support. Whether an audience member, dancer, patron of performing arts, student, or artist, whatever the size of your gift, it is so important – it is evidence of Conduit’s value, the impact on our budget is huge, and it is needed.

The impact of the artists that we serve goes well beyond Conduit’s walls -- students and dancers become teachers and performers, they create or perform their work at Conduit and take it on tour, they go on to form their own companies, attend graduate school and return to Conduit as mature artists acting as teachers and mentors to others.

You are part of the network of artists and audiences that is Conduit. Not only does this Conduit/network nurture contemporary dance but it also contributes to the health, dynamism, and vitality of Portland and its environs.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization, your contribution to Conduit Dance is tax deductible.

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