Organization Updates

Conduit’s mission and role in the community has been one of leadership, support, enrichment, and collective strength. This role is as vital now as ever before and is what is at stake presently as we face a critical and immediate need for a new home and community dance space.

Recent Changes

On March 18, 2015 Conduit’s lease was unexpectedly terminated. Conduit reached out to our community who gathered together in a huge outpouring of support and successfully moved Conduit out of its 20 year home on very short notice. We are optimistic and determined to use this unexpected change as an opportunity for growth in the long-term. In the interim, please visit our Programs page to find our programs that have now gone mobile!

Our Plan

The board and staff have set forth a course of action, utilizing council from George Thorn and RACC’s Cultural Leadership Program. We have also engaged Mary Kay West, head of Norris, Beggs and Simpson’s nonprofit wing, who is known for her success and expertise in the relocation of non-profit organizations.

Our Goal

Find a permanent home. We seek a long-term lease on a space that fulfills Conduit’s programming needs and provides the opportunity to fully pursue our exciting plans for the future of the organization allowing for long-term growth and stability.

Our New Space Checklist

Help Conduit find a home! We are actively searching for a space that meet these minimum criteria:

  • Approximately 2,000 square feet of clear span space (no pillars, obstructions)
  • $1.20/square foot (approximately)
  • ADA accessible (or potential for)
  • Office space large enough to accommodate two people
  • Zoning (business zone, potential for assembly of over 49 people)
  • Minimum 75 amps electrical capacity